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The Fairy Dogmother

Authored by Caroline Crowe
Illustrated by Richard Merritt
Published by Little Tiger Press

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Cinders lives at Woofington’s Dog Shelter with his friends. One day they are all wondering when lunch will arrive, when suddenly Priscilla Paws magically appears – the Fairy Dogmother! Priscilla asks Cinders to make a wish, which will make him the happiest he can be. Cinders just can’t decide and so asks each of his friends what he should wish for. What will he decide and will he and his friends all get their happily ever after?

This is a great version of the classic Cinderella story, set in the world of dogs. As you can imagine there are lots of dog references – ‘wagracadabra’ being one of my favourites. The humour is very accessible in the text and also in the colourful illustrations which combine when the dogs are giving their suggestions for wishes. As Priscilla says ‘the same wand and wings’ as the traditional Fairy Godmother but with some differences. The drawing of Priscilla as a pink poodle, complete with diamond collar and tiara, really adds to the fun and the cartoons of the dog breeds are easily recognisable. I loved the way that some of the wishes are connected to the characteristics of the breed, such as the chihuahua wanting longer legs so it could see the television over the other dogs.

I especially liked the way that the humans depicted in the story also had the same traits as the dogs. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book; a real laugh out loud and lots to explore in the text and illustrations for readers. I would add this to the story box for younger readers as a book to really get to know. It could also be used with older Key Stage 1 and even Key Stage 2 readers to explore the parody elements to the traditional Cinderella story. A fantastic ‘funny fairy tail’ indeed!