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The Garden of Lost Secrets

Authored by A. M. Howell
Published by Usborne Books

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The Garden of Lost Secrets by A. M. Howell is a lovely story set in Britain in World War One. It is a tale of a girl (Clara) who is sent away to live with her aunt on a large estate. The description of the gardens is beautiful, and you feel as if you are transported to another time and place as you read. While there, Clara discovers many mysteries which she tries to solve and, in doing so, develops her relationships with others. There are many rich characters in this book, and they are cleverly revealed so that Clara’s first impressions are often altered.

The issues of World War One are covered lightly in the book, and it would be better as a supporting read, rather than a core text to drive a topic. As well as covering these issues, this book is also about respecting others and the importance of trying to see things from others point of view.

Children will enjoy the developing friendship of Clara and Will and how their characters evolve throughout the story. The air of mystery will keep readers engaged as there is more than one secret to uncover. I would recommend The Garden of Lost Secrets as a good book for the library for keen readers who enjoy being immersed in a world which is quite different from their own.