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The Goat and the Stoat and the Boat

Authored by Em Lynas
Illustrated by Matt Hunt
Published by Nosy Crow Ltd

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The Goat and the Stoat and the Boat is a fun-packed joyful rhyming story by Em Lynas and Matt Hunt, the pair behind the equally brilliant The Cat and the Hat and the Rat.

A stoat, happily floating in a boat, catches the eye of the goat who wants to board the boat. Goat’s attempts eventually succeed, and much mayhem ensues, with the stoat chasing the goat around the boat before they eventually end up in the moat. Fortunately, goats can float, which is lucky for the stoat who accepts the goat’s help, and all ends well.

Em Lynas’ text romps along at a great pace with a strong rhythm and tongue-twisting text, making this enormous fun to read aloud. There are many laughs to be had along the way, and young listeners will revel in the silliness of the goat and stoat’s antics. Matt Hunt’s energetic illustrations bring the story to life, and the changing format of the pages mimics the tossing and turning of the boat brilliantly. The goat and stoat’s facial expressions are depicted superbly and enhance the story showing the character’s feelings to wonderful comic effect.

When I read it to my Year One children, they quickly noticed all the words with the ‘oa’ grapheme and this made them really keen to join in with the reading. There is potential to revisit the book both as a class and independently. The story offers opportunities to talk about sharing and compromise as well as manners. Children may be able to relate the behaviour of the goat and whether he was right to just jump onto the boat with their own experiences of sharing. The straightforward text and repetition make it an ideal book for children to read independently, and pairs could have great fun reading the goat and stoat’s speech bubbles. A joyous and fun-filled book that has a place in any Early Years and KS1 book corner.