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The Great Paint

Authored by Alex Willmore
Illustrated by Alex Willmore
Published by Tate Publishing

The Great Paint by Alex Willmore : Frog, was looking for some inspiration to brighten up his dull swamp. Luckily Frog was an artist with a flair for innovative materials to create his wonderful masterpieces. He gathered honey, some animal hair and some pink berries to set about adding colour to his surroundings.

Sadly Frog was somewhat misguided in his belief that the animals who lived alongside him would appreciate his artistic talents. This did not deter him at all, he was determined to share his passion with them all. Sculpture, painting and the performing arts was Frog’s forte. He saw the beauty of art in every landscape and soon got to work adding a splash of colour. If the animals were stationary for too long, Frog would spruce them up with a little colour also.

Swish! Splash! Splosh! A little bit of colour here and a little bit of colour there.

Unfortunately, the animals did not like Frog’s artwork or see his talent. They demanded that he should stop making such a mess and head back to his swamp to leave them in peace and quiet in their tidy surroundings. Surroundings that they enjoyed. Frog returned to his swamp slightly disheartened but not for long. He knew exactly what he had to do to share his love of the arts with those who are important in his life. His friends. The Great Paint explores friendship and creativity in an engaging and accessible way.