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The Key to Finding Jack

Authored by Ewa Jozefkowicz
Illustrated by Katy Riddell
Published by Zephyr Books

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The Key to Finding Jack is about a girl called Flick. Her brother is on a trip to Peru when an earthquake strikes, and no-one can contact him. Back in the U.K., can Flick follow the clues, discover more about Jack and use this to help find him?

When Flick finds out that her brother is missing, she discovers that he has left behind his treasured gold chain with a small gold key. There is also a message ‘For S.F. to keep until I am back.’ As the family, anxious wait for news of Jack, Flick sets out to find out who S.F. is and while doing so finds out lots of new things about her brother. She finds that family and friendship are important to Jack’s story and that although she misses Jack, that there is always a special bond between brother and sister. As Flick finds out more about her older brother’s world, will any of the discoveries help her as she tries to work out where Jack might be and more importantly will this help bring him home safely?

The Key to Finding Jack explores family and how different people view us. It would be a great read-aloud class novel as it contains lots of chapter cliff hangers and intertwines the story of Jack, a mystery narrative being written in class by Flick and the historical story of Inca Gold.

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