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The Most Exciting Eid

Authored by Zeba Talkhani
Illustrated by Abeeha Tariq
Published by Scholastic

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Safa can’t wait for Eid al-Fitr. With the new moon marking the end of Ramadan, there is so much to look forward to, including Eid decorations, delicious food, pretty henna patterns and a big family gathering. And hopefully the pink bicycle that Safa has been longing for!

One of the most important aspects of Eid is sharing, but Safa is too excited to let her cousin Alissa have a ride on her bike. This year, Mum has a special surprise for Safa saying she is old enough to accompany her as they visit their neighbours with gifts. The final stop is at her grandparents’ house, where they enjoy a wonderful meal together. This Eid has proved to be extra special and feeling a little guilty about Alissa and the bike, she now understands the power of sharing. Next year, they can do everything together.

This is a delightful book which really celebrates the true meaning of Eid. Glowing illustrations in jewel colours convey the joy and warmth of the festivities and emphasise family togetherness. A glossary is included, explaining terms which may be unfamiliar to some readers and giving context to elements of the story.

I would say that this is an essential addition to a festivals collection in the classroom or school library, ideal for sharing with children in Early Years and Key Stage 1.