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The Mystery of the Missing Puppies

Authored by Megan Rix
Illustrated by Tim Budgen
Published by Penguin

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The Mystery of the Missing Puppies by Megan Rix is the first title in a brand new detective series, Lucky and Lizzie.

Lizzie has always wanted a dog; one day she sees a puppy being bundled into the back of a van and so starts a mystery which she is determined to solve by following the clues to find the missing puppy.

Lizzie’s best friend Ted has lots of pets and although she does help look after them, along with lots of other local pets, she really just wants a dog of her own. Her parents however are not quite as keen and so Lizzie starts a list entitled ‘100 reasons why having a dog would be a really, really, really good idea’ to try and convince them. Whilst out walking a neighbour’s dog, she spots a suspicious van, into which she sees a puppy being bundled. Lizzie is convinced that the puppy has been stolen. No-one takes her seriously and so she decides to try and find the van, rescue the missing puppy and catch the thief. Will she ever be able to have a puppy that she can train as a hearing dog or will she always be looking after other people’s pets?

This is a great mystery story and the illustrations by Tim Budgen, really help to bring the family and friends to life. I really liked the fact that Lizzie is a kind and adventurous character, who also happens to wear hearing aids and use sign language and that the dedication at the front of the book is signed, with the challenge to use the illustrations at the end to help children to read it. I would recommend this to all lower KS2 and upper KS1 pupils as a great independent read for fans of animal books, mysteries and great adventures. I hope Lizzie and Lucky have many more adventures to come.