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The Night’s Realm

Authored by Nick Ward
Published by David Fickling Books

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The Night’s Realm is the story of an ordinary boy, Billy, who has a secret fear of the dark which he doesn’t want to share with his friends. One night he wakes up to find himself trapped in his worst nightmare of all – a land where it is always dark, a Night’s Realm ruled over by an evil magician. But Billy is not alone; as well as a whole host of horrible creatures, ghouls and monsters, he also finds all of his school friends have also been captured.

Billy seems to be the only one who can resist the magician’s spells, and while the ‘night-children’ soon forget their old lives, Billy can still remember home. But how long will he be able to resist the magician, and will he be able to save himself and his friends and find a way home? This is an engaging story about fighting demons, both real and imaginary, and overcoming your fears.

The Night’s Realm is a perfect Halloween read, with the scary inhabitants of the Night’s Realm brought to horrifying life by Nick Ward’s written descriptions and haunting illustrations. If your class love horror and spooky quests then this is an ideal addition to a junior class bookshelf but be aware – it is not for the faint-hearted reader, and I would recommend reading it with the light on!