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The Rhythm of the Rain

Authored by Grahame Baker-Smith
Illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith
Published by Templar Publishing

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The Rhythm of the Rain is a beautifully illustrated narrative of water. The water begins its journey in a jar, which is emptied into a pool by a little boy, Isaac, who watches it trickle away and wonders where it goes.

The real triumph of this book is in the almost otherworldly scenes depicted in its illustrations: the shimmering reflections around the water in Isaac’s pool; the solitary sperm whale alone in a dark and expansive sea; the spray of a waterfall as it cascades down to somewhere out of sight far below.

The accompanying writing provides a narrative and adds human elements to the water’s journey, making links to the water cycle and physical geography.

This book could be used at the beginning of an infant science topic about the water cycle, where children could be encouraged to produce a story map of the water’s journey through the book. This could act as a springboard from which to learn more about the water cycle through an experiment (the ‘cloud in a jar’ experiment springs to mind).

There is also the opportunity to link The Rhythm of the Rain to an environmental topic, where children are learning about the impact of global warming on the oceans, and the sea creatures which might be affected by this.


This book is selected for Just Imagine’s Take One Book resource

Winner of the English 4-11 Picture Book Award 2019 (age 4-7 category). You will find many award winning books in our book selections. Please visit our Bookshop or contact us, if you have specific requests.