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The Shape of Rainbows

Authored by Neal Zetter
Illustrated by Will Hughes
Published by Otter Barry Books Ltd

The Shape of Rainbows is an absolute joyous abundance of poems. It may be a slim volume but it is absolutely brimming with fun and frolics. There is something that will appeal to every child. Each of the poems will provide endless discussion. Many are very thought provoking. Read aloud or just quietly in a corner I am sure this collection will be a great addition to library and classroom.

There are great illustrations by Will Hughes throughout the book that really enhance the text. The text is uncomplicated and accessible, the poems are fairly short, some very short. Neal is an accomplished performance poet and this comes through very strongly in the collection. You can easily imagine these poems being performed by a group of children. Great fun all round.

There are lots of standout lines. In the poem Gravity it begins with ‘An apple fell on Isaac Newton, underneath a tree, He said’ That hurt my head’, I think I’ll call it Gravity!’ In Temper the opening lines are ‘I lost my TEMPER I watched it go Where it ran off to, I’ll never know’. There are so many great words; some familiar and some that will be new to the reader. The illustrations that accompany Temper are really evocative and relate I am sure to the feelings such an emotion evoke. Certainly reminded me of my grandson when he is a little cross.

I highly recommend this collection and really can’t better some of the comments on the cover of the book from the likes of Michael Rosen and Brian Moses. Both masters of their craft. I suspect Neal Zetter will be joining them in popularity.