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The Stompysaurus

Authored by Rachel Bright
Illustrated by Chris Chatterton
Published by Hachette Children's Group

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The Stompysaurus by Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton is the latest book in the DinoFeelings series. Those familiar with The Worrysaurus and The Hugasaurus will not be surprised to learn that it has been included in Empathy Lab’s 2023 Read for Empathy Collection.

Stompysaurus wakes up looking forward to a fun-filled day but when his cheeky little brother decides to be a tease it turns him all spiky! Nothing goes right – he stubs his toe, breakfast is all wrong and all his bad feelings explode out of him with a huge roar. Luckily a friendly Battosaur is on hand with helpful advice to turn a stormy upside-down day into one of fun and laughter.

The emotions explored will be familiar to readers young and old – I’m sure I’m not the only one to have experienced ‘back-to-front days’ where nothing seems to go quite right. The great power of this book is in the way Rachel Bright acknowledges the importance of what could be seen as trivial things that can affect our mood. Recognising these emotions makes it easier to avoid them overwhelming us and the strategies given are delivered with a lightness of touch which avoids feeling lectured.

It reminded me of My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson, sadly out of print, which was one of my daughter’s favourites when she was at nursery. Rachel Bright’s expert use of rhyme makes this a joy to read aloud and helps deliver a serious message in an entertaining way. Chris Chatterton’s illustrations add to the warmth of the story with endearing characters and fantastic expressions on their faces. Just as when faced with an angry toddler it can be hard not to smile at Stompysaurus when he’s showing rage. An empowering read for all ages but particularly suited to Early Years and Key Stage One settings where it will help children expand their understanding of, and vocabulary for, emotions.

Empathy Collection 2023

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