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The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince

Authored by Ian Eagleton
Illustrated by Davide Ortu
Published by Owlet Press

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The Woodcutter and the Snow Prince is another wonderful take on fairy tales from author Ian Eagleton. This is a spectacular, heart-warming and modern take on a fairy tale that will take the reader on a beautiful journey through far away forests and ice palaces.

Every year, on Christmas Eve, a lonesome woodcutter called Kai whittles and sculpts a statue for passers-by. On one magical night however, as Kai remembers his winter nights with his grandmother and the stories she once told him about a cursed prince, Kai is visited by the cursed Snow Prince. But as Kai looks into the prince’s eyes, he sees warmth and kindness until his prince once again turns to ice. Will Kai be able to free the imprisoned prince and break the curse?

This twist on a classic fairy tale is a much-needed addition to bookshelves and has LGBTQ+ and inclusivity at its heart, with one clear message: love. Davide Ortu’s stunning illustrations will capture children’s attention and imaginations with a wonderful use of colours that really bring the story to life.