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There Are Fish Everywhere

Authored by Britta Teckentrup
Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Big Picture Press

There Are Fish Everywhere is a beautiful picturebook that provides a wealth of information about fish and their ecosystems.

With the turn of each page the reader is struck by the fact they really are everywhere. And so many of them! This is no surprise, these underwater animals have been around for a very long time. The very first specimen that scientists have been able to identify, lived 500 million years ago,  is described on page 5.

Information is plentiful, the reader visits freshwater rivers, vast oceans, coral reefs and unexpected places! I had no idea that there were fish in the desert. These fascinating creatures really are amazing. Well, they must be to have survived so long. Especially when there are so many predators lurking.

This informative text promotes learning on how and where to spot particular different species and how certain areas of the ocean are protected. A place where fish are safe from human predators-fishing is prohibited. The layout is very accessible – with sub-topics introduced every double page spread and Britta Teckentrup’s illustrations are highly engaging.

I would highly recommend this non-fiction text because there is so much to learn from each page.

There Are Fish Everywhere, is a perfect accompaniment to primary science topics such as Rivers and Oceans, Animals and Life on Planet Earth. Also, this book is perfect for school libraries or book corners. You may also be interested in Mole’s Star, another title by Britta Teckentrup in which the natural world is explored.