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Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day

Authored by Davina Bell
Illustrated by Allison Colpoys
Published by Scribble

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An uplifting story that is full of reassurance, Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day follows two children trying to navigate uncomfortable feelings that can come after making a mistake. Bell and Colpoys shine a light into the vast spectrum of emotions that humans can feel: shame; tiredness; worry; fear; embarrassment and disappointment. All of these feelings can emerge from something as small as a practical joke getting out of hand or a best friend striking up conversation with a new person. When blinded by these feelings, it can be difficult to know how to react and the misguided decisions can be made in the heat of the moment. But this story shows children that sometimes emotions are much bigger than the event itself. A new day will offer a fresh start, a clearer perspective and a chance to forgive past mistakes.

Told through rhyme, Bell’s narrative is gentle and understanding. Her words act as a calming voice whispered in the ear after a difficult day. She reminds children that love is stronger than a mistake made in the moment and that bridges can always be rebuilt with an apology. Colpoys uses a vibrant palette to illustrate her story. Almost every page bursts with luminous colours, an interesting contrast to the grey tunnel vision that characters feel when hurt and upset. These colour choices offer some lovely opportunities to discuss the differences between the feelings of heightened emotion and the reality of the world around us. It is clear that the world does not change even when we feel that things are different, and the world will always be waiting for us when we are ready.

A story that promotes healing and forgiveness, which would be well received when read to a child that has had a difficult day at school. Suitable for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, it would also support thoughtful discussions within a whole class context. I am sure every child will be able to recall a time when they have been spurred on by high emotion and regretted acting without thinking. Tomorrow is a Brand-New Day is a fantastic text to help children to step outside of themselves and understand the behaviour of their peers, crucial for building connection and empathy within children.