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Unipiggle The Unicorn Pig! – Unicorn Muddle

Authored by Hannah Shaw
Illustrated by Hannah Shaw
Published by Usborne

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Unipiggle The Unicorn Pig! -Unicorn Muddle is the first in a new chapter book series by Hannah Shaw. Twinkleland Kingdom is perfect, everyone is polite and well mannered and it’s spotlessly clean! So why is the princess so unhappy?

Princess Pea knows that she should not complain, she has her days planned out for her which are full of activities such as riding and art. However what she longs for most is freedom to get messy and have fun! Her mother likes things to be perfect and chaos ensues when Unipiggle makes an entrance into the unicorn parade. Will her mother get the flawless event she has planned? Will the anxious daisies ever relax? You will have to read the story to find out.

From snooty unicorns to marshmallow trees the story could have come straight out of a child’s imagination and frustration with parental rules. The author Hannah Shaw writes a tale that younger children will enjoy, it’s as colourful as its illustrations and will become a favourite read.

An ideal addition to a class library as its language is easy to read and a story that flows and is simple to follow. Humorous and silly, children will have much to talk about if reading for pleasure. Unicorn Muddle could be used as a class book to support the teaching of narrative; the frame could act as support for children writing their own instalment of the adventure. This story could also be used to talk about family and rules in PSHE.