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Unleash Your Creative Monster: A Children’s Guide to Writing

Authored by Olaf Falafel and Andy Jones
Illustrated by Olaf Falafel and Andy Jones
Published by Walker Books Ltd

A long overdue book that provides a guide for children to learn how to write creatively.

Unleash Your Creative Monster: A Children’s Guide to Writing is another book to add to the growing list of engaging non-fiction that we are seeing for children. It guides you through story basics such as plot and the importance of conflict. It then tackles the basics, and yes grammar is included but so much more. For example, there is a section on ‘building emotion into your writing’. This chapter guides children through how they can help the reader to really feel their writing. It goes on to value the importance of mistakes and how to tackle writer’s block.

Andy Jones and Olaf Falafel have really managed to get the style and level of the book so right. There is a good balance of text on the page which uses a variety of fonts (but not too many) to engage the reader. The layout is certainly dyslexia friendly. The monsters provide a wonderful vehicle to guide the child through the book and give the book a real relevance, and a bit of fun. Exercises and challenges are dribbled though the book which are designed to make the book a more interactive experience. It works. I couldn’t wait to try a few.

This is an absolute must for any class, particularly Y2 upwards. The pages would work so well on a school visualiser and the monster characters can provide a wonderful prompt to support children. I suspect parents and carers would find it an invaluable book to have a resource at home, not to read from cover to cover, but to dip into, wiggle your monster fingers and gather inspiration and creativity. I wish I were back in the class to use this book.

Winner of the Lollies 2023 Book Awards for Non Fiction