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Wake Up Trucks!

Authored by Jodie Parachini
Illustrated by Teresa Bellon
Published by Little Tiger Press Limited

Wake Up Trucks! is a bright and breezy picture book for early years children featuring every kind of truck you might imagine, with rhyming couplets throughout.

Starting with a good breakfast of oil (slurped of course) and definitely not eggs, toast and bacon, the different vehicles set out for the building site. Young children will enjoy pointing out the different trucks mentioned and their roles in building houses: dumper trucks, rollers, excavators, cement mixers and cranes all feature.

The bright, colourful, stylised artwork from Teresa Bellon is the perfect accompaniment to the text. Occasionally the author’s American roots are evident (dump trucks rather than dumper trucks) and in places the metre is a little forced, but these are quibbles which do not detract from the overall pleasure this book will bring to the very youngest children. The possibilities for discussion, play, artwork and observation make this a worthy addition to the nursery classroom.