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Warrior of the Wild

Authored by Tricia Levenseller
Published by Pushkin Children's Books

Warrior of the Wild is a rip roaring fantasy adventure with strong female central character.

Rasmina is eighteen years old and about to be subject to her coming-of-age trial. Training to be a warrior as well as the future leader of her village, Rasmina is not a popular figure amongst some of her peer group and this leads to her being tricked and failing her trail. This is disastrous. As a result, Rasmina is banished from her village, disowned by her father, and given an impossible task; to kill a seemingly invincible, and cruel, minor god who terrorises the local villages. She must succeed or die trying.

The wilderness Rasmina now has to survive in is fraught with terrifying flora and fauna.  Things look bleak until she meets two boys who have been banished from another village too. They also have deadly tasks to complete. It would make sense for the three to cooperate but this is not a given.

Warrior of the Wild grips from the first page. It is a classic fantasy adventure with a few interesting twists, as well as the usual teenage romance tropes. The world building is excellent and the main characters remarkably proficient but intriguingly flawed. It is tightly plotted and with a satisfying climax. Thankfully, the reader doesn’t have to wait for a sequel, or read a trilogy, to find out how the problems are resolved. That said, there is enough here to be the basis of follow up adventures with Rasmina and her world. One for the secondary school library and recommended for readers 11+.

Longlisted for the Spark Book Awards 2024 Fiction for 7+ Category