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What Can You See?

Authored by Jason Korsner
Illustrated by Hannah Rounding
Published by Graffeg

What Can You See? by Jason Korsner

Look at the table.
What can you see?
A fruit bowl, a cake
and a big cup of tea.

This book is a beautifully illustrated by Hannah Rounding and focuses on everything that you may see around you, no matter how big or small those things may be. The rhyming text is joyful to read aloud and the direct question invites the reader to not only look carefully at the illustrations but also to look around them too. The repetitive refrain and use of rhyme would make this book suitable for choral reading.

This title is full to the brim with bright and colourful images that captivate its reader from start to finish. Suitable for those children just starting out on their reading journeys, it can help with starter phonics knowledge focusing on the initial sounds of those things they can see around them. A good choice for children aged between 3-5 years old.