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What the Worm Saw

Authored by Emil Fortune
Illustrated by Hannah Peck
Published by Scholastic

What the Worm Saw is a humorous and informative book produced in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society. It introduces the important work of the earthworm to young children and helps us to see how these mini-beasts benefit our gardens and what a vital role they play.

The earthworm as the narrator endears us to the character who tells us a lot about themselves – how they move, where they like to live, their fears and what they like to eat. Children will love to squirm at the behaviours of the earthworm as it eats its way through the earth leaving its waste in its wake. The reassurance by the earthworm that this is good for our gardens and helps things to grow is convincing from this strangely likeable character. We are gently encouraged to want to learn more as we follow the trail of our new friend the earthworm.

The illustrations are big and bold and clearly support the narrative. What the Worm Saw would enhance any visit to school gardens or indeed to children’s own gardens making it suitable for home reading as well as within a class context. The interesting earthworm facts at the end of the book reinforce the learning and the whole book makes us look at the wriggly earthworm in a completely different light and could easily serve to encourage young green fingers and minds.