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Where BJÖRN Belongs

Authored by Samuel Langley-Swain
Illustrated by Mirna Imamović
Published by Owlett Press

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Where BJÖRN Belongs is a delightfully illustrated book which warms the heart for young audiences and the not so young.

The story opens with a Christmas shopping scene and an unhappy Arthur who struggles to enjoy this time of year due to the sensory overload of the season – the bright lights, the noisy streets and the bustling crowds. When his favourite and comforting toy polar bear, Barney, goes missing, Arthur decides to write to Santa for a new one. Little does he know what magic is about to ensue.

There are lovely opportunities here to discuss a variety of topics with children such as: Autism and sensory processing; STEM careers; Sustainability to name a few.

A loveable tale of friendship and love, and an exploration of how pursuing your dream can lead to making a world a better place, this is a book that is well worth a read, particularly over the Christmas and winter season.