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Where Does My Food Come From?

Authored by Annabel Karmel
Illustrated by Alex Willmore
Published by Welbeck

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Where Does My Food Come From? is the sort of cookery book that makes you want to cook with children! Annabel Karmel has written a great non-fiction text with important messages about nutrition and sustainability. Each section takes a type of food, such as cheese, and begins with clear information as to where this food originates and how it is prepared for market. This is then followed by fun activities and recipes. Each recipe is very clearly presented with accompanying photographs to show what the final product will look like. These all look very inviting and delicious.

Alex Willmore’s illustrations are colourful and fun, with plenty of details included to aid the information provided. Each page has additional ‘fun facts’ and tips so there is plenty to enjoy and read whilst using this book. There are also clear indications of which foods are vegetarian. Annabel Karmel provides links to her Apps and websites in which she champions healthy eating and offers information and support to parents.

In a classroom this would be an informative non-fiction text about food and nutrition. Some of the recipes and activities can be achieved in classrooms and cooking clubs. Parents and carers would also find this a very useful book to share with children and to use for cooking at home. The owl cupcakes are perfect for Halloween fun! The cheesy carrot stars look very tasty and nutritious and have been a popular activity on Annabel’s Instagram site. Primary aged children will enjoy reading and sharing this book with others. Adults will be inspired to cook with children to try out some of the recipes.