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Wonders of the Night Sky

Authored by Professor Raman Prinja
Illustrated by Jan Bielecki
Published by Wayland Publishing

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Astronomy and stargazing are still firm favourites when it comes to non-fiction texts. Children and adults are endlessly fascinated with stars, black holes, constellations and the planets. We have much to learn and this book is a perfect study of all things space, each page filled with gorgeous illustrations and plenty of facts to keep minds entertained and engaged.

The basic premise of the book is that “Astronomy starts with just looking up” and it doesn’t get any simpler than that. With tips for a great night of stargazing to the explanation of the constellations and their links to mythology, the book has a strong start. There is no need to spend money on telescopic lenses or invest in trips to the observatory, much of our universe can be seen with just our eyes and a clear evening.

The book provided just the right amount of information without overloading the reader. Highlighting the science and balancing fact and fiction, this book is the perfect introduction to space, stars and the world above us for children in KS2. This would be great in a class reading corner, prompting the next generation of astronomers to simply look up!