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16th April 2024

The Brilliant Brain: How it Works and How to Look After it

A positive and interesting introduction to the most important part of out bodies, the brain!

16th April 2024

Yomi and the Power of the Yumboes

The second of a new adventure series that includes fantasy, humour and African folklore in a fast-paced story, this time, set in Senegal.

16th April 2024

Dim Sum Palace

A vibrant celebration of Chinese food which will make your mouth water!

16th April 2024

Ning and the Night Spirits

A beautifully illustrated book about kindness, understanding and acceptance, and the power that can be harnessed when we work together.

16th April 2024

Wolves will (not) be Wolves: A Modern-Day Feminist Fairy Tale

Little Red refuses to accept that the wild wood is a forbidden place and decides to do something herself about the wolf that is rumoured to live there.

16th April 2024

Marv and the Killer Plants

Super hero, Marv, wants to win the school garden competition, but super villain, Violet Vine has other ideas and turns all the plants across the school into big, hungry, human-eating monstrosities.

16th April 2024

Who Rules the Rockpool?

The second of a three-part picturebook series about eco-systems, the animals that live there, and the challenges they face to stay alive. 

16th April 2024

Little House

A story packed with emotional truth and wisdom about helping those in need, as well as inspiring children to discover or re-discover the joy of making things.

16th April 2024

Friendship Never Ends

A novel about friendship, identity and growing up.

16th April 2024

What We’ll Build: Plans for Our Together Future

This poetic story is dedicated to Jeffers’ daughter, Mari. In it we follow a father as he and his daughter make plans for their future.

16th April 2024

The Island at the Edge of Night

a dark-sounding title, matched by a gothic cover of a mansion on a cliff top, cloaked in mist above a stormy sea. The scene is set.

16th April 2024

Dictionary of Dinosaurs

An illustrated nonfiction book about every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered.

16th April 2024

A History of Words for Children

An illustrated non-fiction book that takes the reader on a philological journey through the development of spoken and written language across the globe.

15th April 2024

Yomi and the Fury of Ninki Nanka

The first of a new adventure series that includes fantasy, humour and African folklore in a fast-paced story set in The Gambia.

15th April 2024

Hercules: the Diary of a (Sort of) Hero

A fun and fast paced read, dealing with issues like bullying and friendship.

14th April 2024

BatPig: Too Pig to Fail

A fast pacing, funny and engaging graphic novel.

14th April 2024

The Secret Life of Bugs

One in ‘The Secret Life Of’ series of books bringing together a range of genres to explore all about bugs.

13th April 2024

All Charged Up! : Big Ideas That Changed the World

A narrative nonfiction in graphic novel format telling the fascinating story of electricity.

13th April 2024

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt

A joyful and colourful reimagining of the American folk song, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

13th April 2024

This Book Will Make You An Artist

Exploring twenty-five artists from around the world with clear activities so the reader can use the skills of the artist.

7th April 2024

Stand Up Ferran Burke

A coming of Age story set in Birmingham in the 90s.

7th April 2024

STEMville: The Bee Connection

An appealing blend of narrative and information, this study of bees is a stylish start to a new series of science books - Stemville.

7th April 2024

So You Think You’ve Got it Bad? A Kid’s Life in the Aztec Age

One of a series of non-fiction texts offering a humorous look at a variety of historical periods.

7th April 2024

The Minute Minders

A heartwarming tale is full of humour and makes you laugh and sigh in equal measures as you follow the tales of the ‘fidders’ and their human friends.

7th April 2024

Donut Feed the Squirrels

A sweet tale of friendship of two squirrels who embark on an ambitious adventure to outwit the doughnut seller and stage a doughnut heist.

7th April 2024

Incredible Jobs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

A brief outline of some astonishing and highly unusual professions.

6th April 2024

City of Stolen Magic

A gripping adventure weaving history with fantasy from India to Victorian London.

6th April 2024

Hide and Seek: A Bletchley Park Mystery

A thrilling wartime adventure full of empathy for all refugees and emigres

6th April 2024

Christopher Nibble

This is a lovely tale to encourage children to think about planting something for themselves and to encourage little green fingers.

6th April 2024

Wildlife Crossings – Protecting Animal Pathways Around the World

An attractive, non-fiction picture book focusing on the creation of 'wildlife corridors' which enable roaming animals around the world to continue on their vital journeys.