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29th February 2024

The Piano at the Station

Will Lucy return to her self-destructive ways, or will music offer her a way to save her from herself?

29th February 2024

Seven Million Sunflowers

Malcolm Duffy's poignant and sensitively written novel follows a year in Kat's life and the various challenges she and her family face after arriving from Ukriane in the UK.

29th February 2024

The Bowerbird

A beautifully illustrated rhyming story about Bert, the bowerbird, who making a home and waiting for a bird to love and share it with.

28th February 2024

Can you see the stars tonight?

This book deals with the real issue of light pollution in a delightful way, telling us the story of a young puffin who is drawn to the lights of a nearby town.

28th February 2024


Four friends channel the magical abilities of their ancestors to protect their community in this empowering, action-packed story.

28th February 2024

My Life on Fire

My Life on Fire deals with universal themes: loss, friendship, kindness. It is a well-paced and highly enjoyable read.

28th February 2024

The Witchstone Ghosts

This story has all the elements for a good adventure and the atmosphere will definitely appeal to anyone who knows Cornwall.

24th February 2024

How Does a Lighthouse Work?

A beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book, taking us into the world of the lighthouse, exploring their history, geography, science and celebrating their varied architecture and design.

23rd February 2024

Rani Reports on the Missing Millions

Rani and her Nani pit their wits against unscrupulous treasure hunters in this funny, fast paced, thrilling adventure.

23rd February 2024

Time Travelling with a Tortoise

The plot is ingenious, intriguing, and thought-provoking, including time travel through multi-universes, a dinosaur chase, and life and death.

22nd February 2024


A moving and hopeful novella set on Lindisfarne, with loss at the heart of this strange, fable-like story.

22nd February 2024

How Far We’ve Come

A complex narrative that deals with a difficult subject in an engaging and challenging way.

22nd February 2024

Puppy Problems: A Peanut, Butter & Crackers Story

Crackers (dog) and Butter (cat) live a very nice life with their human owners, Until their life is totally disrupted by the arrival of Crackers, the puppy.

22nd February 2024

Visual Timelines: World History

A beautifully illustrated, non-fiction book covering the world's history in a mere six chapters from our earliest ancestors to Covid-19 and beyond.

22nd February 2024

Runaway Cone

With a twist at the end that will leave readers excited for more, this laugh-out-loud adventure makes for a brilliant read for young readers who love construction machines and outdoor adventures.

21st February 2024

The Mab

A collection of 11 Welsh tales, newly told versions of the very old stories from the Mabinogi.

20th February 2024

Groosham Grange Graphic Novel

Anthony Horowitz's classic gothic page-turner is brought to life in full colour in this hilarious graphic novel adaptation.

19th February 2024

Out of the Blue

A delightful picture book that demonstrates the importance of embracing differences and how love and support can lead to changes.

19th February 2024

Black Bird, Blue Road

Moving historical fantasy about a Jewish girl trying to save her twin brother.

19th February 2024

The Extraordinary Book that Invents Itself

A one-of-a-kind project book that turns into 30 incredible inventions.

19th February 2024

Bunny vs Monkey: Rise of the Maniacal Badger

Attempting to defeat the new evil genius of the maniacal badger is the theme that links the 46 short comic sketches in this latest book on the series.

19th February 2024

The Worst Class in the World Animal Uproar

The Worst Class in the World series of books has animal uproar as its focus for the unruly and unpredictable members of Class 4B.

19th February 2024

Last Girl In

A time-travelling story with a young, cricket-playing hero at its heart.

18th February 2024

Two Wheels

A heartwarming story about learning to ride a bike and also fatherhood.

17th February 2024

Pablo and Splash

A brand new graphic novel series about two time-travelling penguins guaranteed to make readers laugh.

17th February 2024

Mouse and Mole – Boo to the Who

Boo to the Who is the latest in a series of witty and humorous books about good friends Mole and Mouse.

17th February 2024

Kevin the Vampire

An hilarious, pacy novel that introduces us to Kevin and Susie and follows their wild and exciting adventure with monsters and very boring aunts.

17th February 2024

Tomfoolery! Randolph Caldecott and the Rambunctious Coming-of-Age of Children’s Books

A picture book biography celebrating the life of Randolph Caldecott the 19th century artist and illustrator and after whom the prestigious Caldecott Medal is named.

17th February 2024

Luna and the Sky Dragon

Science, storytelling and dragons - all the best things! - collide in this story about a girl, whose understanding of the universe conflicts with the beliefs and traditions of her time.

17th February 2024

Meet The Dinosaurs

Meet The Dinosaurs takes young readers on a journey of discovery during the time of the dinosaurs.