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23rd May 2024

Poetry Prompts

A wonderful illustrated book that really celebrates the art of poetry and words.

7th February 2024

Find Peace in a Poem

A timely collection of poems, beautifully illustrated on the theme of mindfulness.

3rd February 2024


A fun filled, colourful rhyming story that will have children laughing out loud!

2nd February 2024

The Shape of Rainbows

An absolute joyous abundance of poems, absolutely brimming with fun and frolics.

25th September 2023

A First Book of Dinosaurs

If you are a dinosaur fan looking for fascinating facts, prehistoric pictures and perfect poems, this is the book for you.

12th September 2023

Invertebrates are Cool

A book which presents bite-sized facts about invertebrates in an engaging style using poetry as its vehicle.

25th August 2023

Marshmallow Clouds

A collection of thirty poems full of imagination, inspired by nature and divided into the four elements of fire, water, air and earth.

25th August 2023

Let’s Chase Stars Together

This collection of poems which stay with you with the theme of ‘Poems to lose yourself in'.

25th August 2023

A Hero Like Me

A Hero Like Me is a powerful, lyrical picturebook that explores the concept of a hero and where they can be found.

17th August 2023

Windrush Child

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, John Agard’s touching poem Windrush Child is vividly brought to life for young readers

28th July 2023

The Big Amazing Poetry Book

A wonderful celebration of brilliant poetry and poets, both new and familiar.

25th July 2023

These are the Words

Poetry lessons for young women and girls: what I wished I was told when I was younger.

14th July 2023

Sea Change: Save the Ocean

25th June 2023


6th June 2023

Forwards Always

Poetry which screams playfulness and laughter, to be shared and read aloud with silly rhythms and rhymes that will make every child giggle!

20th May 2023

A Dinosaur at the Bus Stop

A Dinosaur at the Bus Stop is Kate Wakeling's third poetry collection for children and is an absolute delight!

6th May 2023

My Heart is a Poem

My Heart is a Poem is a collection of poems taking the young reader or listener through strong feelings that can sometimes be overwhelming, from fear and anger to joy and love.

4th May 2023

John Agard’s Windrush Child

John Agard's Windrush Child is a poetic picture book which follows a child as he and his parents make the journey upon the ship Empire Windrush from the Caribbean to England.

30th April 2023

Tree Whispers

Tree Whispers is an assorted collection of tree-themed poems was a true delight to discover. Playful, inviting and satisfying this is a perfect choice for young readers.

22nd April 2023

Super Small

Part poetry, part factual comic-strip, Super Small is aimed at younger readers who are beginning their journey into science and nature.

16th April 2023

This is How the Change Begins

The six lyrical poems in this collection are simple and illuminating, working together to create a powerful call-to-action on climate change.

15th April 2023

Watch Me Bloom

Watch Me Bloom is ‘a bouquet of Haiku poems for budding naturalists’: a collection of 24 poems, each based on a different floral species found in the UK.

11th April 2023

Courage Out Loud: 25 Poems of Power

31st March 2023

A Passing on of Shells – 50 Fifty-word Poems

16th February 2023

Selfies With Komodos

15th February 2023

The Beasts Beneath our Feet

11th February 2023

Cherry Moon

8th February 2023

The Emperor’s Nightingale and Other Feathery Tales

8th February 2023

Choose Love

3rd February 2023

A Ticket to Kalamazoo! Zippy Poems to Read Aloud