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23rd May 2024

The Joy Bringers

The creatures of the woodland save the sparkles of sunlight to spread joy.

23rd May 2024

The Pinchers and the Diamond Heist

The first in a series of stories about a family of thieves who decide to visit a diamond exhibition and steal the precious gold diamond - but not without breaking Grandma out of jail first!

23rd May 2024

Poetry Prompts

A wonderful illustrated book that really celebrates the art of poetry and words.

18th May 2024

Meet the Maliks – Twin Detectives: The Cookie Culprit

A story which artfully fuses together engaging characters and an intriguing plot, with information about Islamic faith and culture.

16th May 2024

Two Together

A beautifully illustrated tale celebrating the friendship of a cat and a dog as they journey home together.

16th May 2024


A compelling aviation crime thriller set in the time preceding WW2.

16th May 2024

A Little World of Ants

A colourful, lift-the-flap  book, enticing early years children to find out about ants and what they get up to.

14th May 2024

Major and Mynah: Tarantula Terror

An adventure about an escaped spider that must be rescued by Callie, Grace, and Bo, a mynah bird, before she dies of cold, leaving her spiderlings orphans.

14th May 2024

Angel of Grasmere

A gripping piece of historical fiction that brings to life the tension and challenges of World War II through the eyes of young Tarn.

13th May 2024

Ivy Newt and the Swamp Dragons

Ivy and her friend Tom have an exciting, gripping adventure rescuing the swamp dragons from naughty 'Trouble Ivy' who is trying to create wicked versions of everything.

13th May 2024

The Case of the Abandoned Boat

The third in the series of fast paced and engaging mystery stories.

13th May 2024

King of Nothing

A beautiful coming-of-age story about being exposed to different world views and deciding what sort of person you want to be.

13th May 2024

All the Pieces of Me

Tally's Year 8 experience is overshadowed by a bullying group of 'friends' and the management of her autism.

13th May 2024

The Storm and the Minotaur

Can a ghost from the past lead him back to safety, or will George meet the same fate as his long-lost uncle?

10th May 2024

Anna’s Garden

A gentle rhyming book about accepting and understanding our differences.

9th May 2024

Wilding: How to Bring Wildlife Back – An Illustrated Guide

This beautifully illustrated nonfiction picture book is a fascinating real-life story about the rewilding of the Knepp estate in Sussex and the wonderful way it brought wildlife back to the landscape.

7th May 2024

The Chestnut Roaster

Beautifully written through a well-realised 1880s Paris with a quick-paced plot to capture the memory thief and find the lost children.

7th May 2024

Bright Stars of Black British History

Rethinking what we thought we knew has never been so fascinatingly important.

7th May 2024

Glow Up, Lara Bloom: the secret diary of a teenage catastrophe!

Readers are invited to share Lara's private, candid thoughts through entries in the diary app as she attempts to 'glow-up' and reinvent herself.

6th May 2024

This Book Kills

Set in the elite English boarding school of Heybuckle, This Book Kills is a rollercoaster ride of murder mystery that will peak the interest of any teen or tween who is a fan of the genre.

6th May 2024

What the World Doesn’t See

A powerhouse of a novel, inviting opportunities for both reflection and discussion, considering how we view ourselves and others in a diverse world.

6th May 2024

I Will Swim Next Time

A gentle exploration of a child overcoming their fear of the sea.

6th May 2024

Just Like Everyone Else

Aidan wants to be just like everyone else - a journey of self-acceptance for teens and tweens.

6th May 2024

North and the Only One

A journey of discovery as Rose wakes from a sleep that seems to have blotted her past from memory and sets out on a quest to explore the world as she finds it after her awakening.

5th May 2024

A Midsummer Night’s Drama

A delightful bedtime story for budding storytellers and young children who are too excited to settle down to sleep.

5th May 2024

Ember Spark and the Thunder of Dragons

A story with a thrilling plot brimming with magic, humour and some moments of real jeopardy.

5th May 2024

If My Words Had Wings

A Black British teenage boy's experiences in a young offenders prison which will stay with readers long after they have finished reading because of its original treatment of its subject matter.

5th May 2024

The Untameables

A tale of daring, heroism, epic characters and magical creatures, spun from the Arthurian legends of tradition into a refreshingly original story that reflects contemporary themes and sensitivities.

5th May 2024

The Past Master

Time twists and turns as Elle tries to stop the evil Millennia from become all-powerful and controlling all time.

5th May 2024

Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales

The Big Bad Wolf fact-checks a series of fairy tales and investigates how they relate to the science of the real world.