School Improvement: Why your library matters

This course is all about maximising the potential of the library for developing communities of learners.

Are school libraries needed in the digital age, when information can be accessed at the click of a button? The answer is a resounding yes! Learning and the acquisition of knowledge is more than the retrieval of information. A well-managed library is a repository of knowledge that is curated to meet the needs of learners in your schools, it is a visual and physical reminder of the pleasures that reading has to offer. Furthermore, there is hard evidence to show that children in schools with libraries managed by librarians perform better in reading.

Positive impacts are:

  • Higher test or exam scores equating to academic attainment
  • Successful curriculum or learning outcomes
  • Positive attitudes towards learning

But in order to achieve these positive outcomes, we need to ensure that we are making good use of the library.

This course is suitable for English leads, library assistants and teachers wanting to make better use of the library in their teaching

This interactive session is packed with practical ideas for placing the library at the heart of the school. Maximise the potential of your school library and ensure its relevance and impact to your school community.

Areas of Focus

  • Impact of the school library – what the research tells us
  • Establishing a vibrant library space
  • Organising and managing the library
  • Developing book knowledge and targeting resources
  • Practical strategies to promote reading for pleasure
  • Empowering your users
  • Maximising library use
  • Using the library with the wider school community
  • What to do if the library is in a cupboard, a corridor or in classrooms?
  • Finding funding for your library projects


School librarians, teachers with responsibility for primary school library development.

Development projects

Support can be given to assist self-auditing, stock acquisition and library development.


All participants will receive a Just Imagine School Library poster detailing philosophies and ideals in an effective facility.

The Reading Journey is an open access website which has ideas for supporting independent reading.

The Reading Journey app for pupils has been launched in September 2019.