The Reading Journey: Developing a culture of reading

This participative course is designed for schools seeking to implement systemic change regarding the presence and quality of reading across the school. Starting with the persuasive arguments for developing a positive reading culture, we explore eight key themes using exemplification from a diverse range of schools.

Areas of focus

  • Book and text knowledge for teachers and pupils
  • A pedagogy for teaching independent reading
  • Parental engagement
  • Reading environments — beyond cushions and fairy lights
  • Selection and organisation of resources
  • Celebration of reading
  • Supporting different kinds of readers
  • Encouraging a range of positive reading behaviours

Key Stage suitability

Can be tailored to cover any or all Key Stages from EYFS to UKS2

Course length

Recommend two or three days spread over a year with opportunities for participants to benefit from in school practical gap tasks. A one-day version of this training is available.

Development projects

We can also develop a longer term project in schools allowing for greater depth of engagement and strategic school improvement.

The Reading Journey resources complement our training. For best results, we recommend that they work in tandem. However, the training and resources have been designed so that schools can use them independently of each other.


A dedicated website has supporting materials for in-school follow-up.

Nikki Gamble Exploring Children’s Literature (2019) is a handbook for teachers who would like to develop their own knowledge of current children’s literature and ways of introducing books in the classroom.

Available with this course at a discounted training price. To order contact

“What is most appealing is the opportunity The Reading Journey has afforded to talk about themes – friendship, loss, family that the different books have in common. Also, the fact that the books are in sets of three has been extremely supportive of social discussion.”

Sonia Thompson, St Matthews Birmingham