Just Imagine

Story-worlding in the narrative classroom

This course is steeped in knowledge and understanding of how children create narratives through play and stories. It addresses how classroom environments that encourage story building support the development of literacy skills. Central to this approach is the development of language and communication, which are essential for children’s academic success and life opportunities.

Areas of focus

  • What is imagination and is it measurable?
  • Developing vocabulary and language skills
  • Creating a story space
  • The importance of observation and intervention in imaginative play
  • Role play and links to storying
  • Curating picture books and developing a love of reading
  • Reading and writing within a story world.
  • Storying from home to school and back again


Key stage suitability

Can be tailored to cover nursery, reception and KS1

Course length

Recommended three days across three terms with opportunities for gap tasks. Options for one or two day versions of this training are also possible.

Development projects

One year projects for small scale action research support can be offered.


Sara Stanley, Why Think?: Philosophical Play 3-11 (Bloomsbury 2012). This book is available at a special discounted price to course participants.