Jon Arno Lawson

A Day for Sandcastles

JonArno Lawson is a Canadian writer who has published many books for children and adults, was born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in nearby Dundas. He now lives in Toronto,

Lawson has won The Lion and the Unicorn  Award for Excellence in North American Poetry four times, in 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2014. The books were Enjoy It While It HurtsA Voweller’s BestiaryBlack Stars In A White Night Sky, and Down In The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Box.] His book The Man In The Moon-Fixer’s Mask was a finalist for this award in 2005.

Lawson’s wordless picture book “Sidewalk Flowers”(Footpath Flowers in the UK)  illustrated by Sydney Smith,  won the Governor General’s Award for Illustrated Children’s Books in 2015. This was followed by a further wordless book, Above the Shop, illustrated by Qin Leng and more recently, A Day for Sandcastles.

Jon joined Nikki Gamble In the Reading Corner to talk about the latest book.

About A Day for Sandcastles.
A dazzling wordless picture book celebrates creative problem-solving, teamwork, and the sun-splashed wonder of a day at the beach. The creators of the acclaimed Over the Shop evoke a perfect summer beach day – and themes of creativity, cooperation, flexibility, and persistence – all without a word in this sun-warmed, salt-stained delight of a story. A busload of beachgoers spills out onto the sand for a day of fun and frolic.

Three siblings begin work on a castle, patting and shaping the sand as the sun arcs over the sky. Time and again, their progress is halted: a windswept hat topples their creation; a toddler ambles through it; the tide creeps close, and then too close. Meeting each demolition with fresh determination, the builders outdo themselves time and again, until the moment arrives to pile back into the bus for home.

An authentic portrait of sibling cooperation – and glorious inspiration for creative people of all ages – A Day for Sandcastles channels the thrill of surrendering expectations on the path to infinite possibility.