The Fan Brothers

Terry Fan,  Eric Fan and Devin Fan are American-born Canadian children’s book writers and illustrators, known collectively as the Fan Brothers.

Terry and Eric made their picturebook debut with The Night Gardener, which was named an ALA Notable Children’s Book. Other books include where the Ocena Meets the sky, The Barnabus Project and most recently, It Fell From the Sky.

Terry, Eric and Devin joined Nikki Gamble to talk about their creative partnership.

About It Fell From the Sky.
It fell from the sky on a Thursday. None of the insects knows where it came from, or what it is.

Some say it’s an egg. Others, a gumdrop. But whatever it is, it fell near Spider’s house, so he’s convinced it belongs to him.

Spider builds a wonderous display so that insects from far and wide can come to look at the marvel. Spider has their best interests at heart. So what if he has to charge a small fee? So what if the lines are long? But as Spider raises the prices, insects stop showing up, much to Spider’s bemusement.

And then, all of a sudden, an unexpected disaster hits and the marvel disappears! This charming story is accompanied by characterful illustrations and also teaches children important life lessons about greed and the importance of sharing.

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