Rex Dinosaur in Disguise

Authored by Elys Dolan
Published by Walker Books

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Waking up 65 million years after being frozen solid in the Ice Age, Rex the Dinosaur discovers the world has changed dramatically. In order to negotiate his new surroundings, he is going to have to disguise himself as a human. In the natural history museum, Rex meets another creature who has been doing exactly that successfully for several years. Bigfoot has lots of good advice for Rex and introduces him to others such as Dodo and the Loch Ness Monster who have also integrated.

Their biggest fear is being discovered and sent to the Zoo. After a few false starts, Rex finds the perfect job, assisted by Sandra and Anish, who have recognised him but want to help. However, there is danger from Maddie, a former friend of Sandra, who, believing misinformation on the internet, thinks Rex and the other creatures pose a threat.

Elys Dolan deals with a wide range of themes with humour and excitement in this illustrated story. Besides encouraging children to think about tolerance and acceptance, allowing everyone to be themselves, the story also encompasses friendship, family and fake news. An appealing, fun package which should attract young readers, this could be used as a class read aloud  and to encourage reading for pleasure