All About Diversity

Authored by Felicity Brooks
Illustrated by Mar Ferrero
Published by Usborne

This is a large hardback book with a colourful cover and diverse illustrations featuring families and friends of all ages! A perfect book for starting that conversation with our youngest readers- what is diversity and how are we all different. I love that the first doubl- page spread features one side all in grey where we all look the same, do the same and eat the same, while on the other side, life is bright, bold, colourful and DIFFERENT. By asking children which they prefer, you begin this important conversation and they become engaged and questioning!

Children are already more accepting of differences than adults so perhaps by studying this book home with every child, we can share the message of the importance of diversity with the entire family.
Each double-page spread asks a simple question that has many different answers, one where the illustrations really showcase the beauty of our differences. What do we wear? What do we eat? Different bodies…all are boldly designed and illustrated and these pages can be poured over for ages by the reader.

We all want to celebrate diversity and every child deserves to see themselves in a book, this is a point this book wants to make. Ingeniously designed so a class could take one page and challenge themselves to celebrate the differences within their own class.

This book would be a brilliant gift for any home or school and could be read by all ages.

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