Anna at War

Authored by Helen Peters
Published by Nosy Crow

Anna at War by Helen Peters is a historical adventure novel, set predominantly in wartime Kent.

The story follows Anna, a German Jew who makes her way to England as part of the Kindertransport. Anna soon finds herself a refugee in a country she does not know, grappling with the anxiety that she may never see her parents again.

The real lifeblood of this story is in the relationships that Anna builds with the people around her. When it seems to her that all is lost, she finds herself in the home of a welcoming foster family. Anna’s experience provides an interesting perspective for readers who may not be familiar with what life was like for those directly persecuted by the Nazis during the War.

Framed through the point of view of a boy in a top junior class, Anna at War would fit seamlessly into an upper junior World War Two topic. The book provides valuable opportunities to make links to historical events which could be explored further, such as Kristallnacht and the Kindertransport. The narrative also evokes comparisons to the stories of modern-day child refugees, which could be introduced as an additional branch to learning.

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