Authored by Anne Booth
Illustrated by Robyn Wilson-Owen
Published by Tiny Owl

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Every morning before school, the little girl and her brother would visit a beautiful flower which grew under the window of a big house. The girl would whisper words of love and encouragement to the gorgeous bloom and head on their way to class.

One morning, the old man living in the house heard the children talking to the flower and told them to go away and never come back. The next day, when the sun rose, the flower did not open. The man was furious. He tried everything he could to make it open, but nothing worked….

This is an absolutely gorgeous book about kindness and the power of words. About loving and appreciating things for what they are, not for how they can serve you.  The artwork is just beautiful and uses colour very cleverly to help tell the story.

Bloom would be a great prompt for discussions with children about how we talk to people and treat each other. You could also consider what the impact of words chosen and tone of voice might be.  Readers could also reflect on why the old man behaved how he did at the start of the story and how his behaviour had changed by the end. Was he better or worse off as a result of being kind?