Bunnies on The Bus

Authored by Philip Ardagh
Illustrated by Ben Mantle
Published by Walker Books

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The bunnies are off on a madcap ride through the busy streets of Sunnytown. Watch out as they zoom around corners, whizz past shoppers and shoot past parks! Don’t forget to watch out for two sneaky squirrels on the run through the town!

This story would make a great class read aloud and could well be used to inspire further writing in class. It’s bouncy rhythm, and use of rhyme and repeated phrases mean that pupils will take great delight in joining in as they become more familiar with the text.

Pupils could very easily draw maps of Sunnytown or their own localities to serve as planning tools for their stories. They could choose to change the type of vehicle the bunnies travel in, or the animals they whizz past on their journey. The boom would lend itself well to alternate versions.

All in all, brilliant fun with detail-filled illustrations and a bouncy rhythm to capture readers’ imaginations.