Business For Beginners

Authored by Lara Bryan & Rose Hall
Illustrated by Kellan Stover
Published by Usborne


Business For Beginners is in seven sections, each focusing on critical areas of business such as money, people and audience. The information is presented positively and with heaps of encouragement for the young reader, helping them to understand major concepts of business in a friendly way. The use of comic strips and cartoon-style illustrations further adds to the immediacy and engaging style. Key vocabulary is clearly explained throughout. A useful glossary is included, and a Quicklinks section directs interested readers to online games and further inspiration.

Excellent nonfiction books on all aspects of the world are in no short supply at the moment, and Business for Beginners introduces a wide and varied number of aspects of becoming a successful leader of your own business.

The general interest and comprehension standard of Business for Beginners will appeal to children from Year 5 up. Certainly, children in Key Stage 3 will also enjoy the book and begin to see how various aspects of business ‘come together’ and inform each other when the leader of the business is successful. Business for Beginners’ greatest attribute is its encouraging and confidence-building style. It does help children to formulate those ideas about doing what they love as their line of work once they’re older.

From the earliest age in school, children enjoy the ‘role play’ of grown-up life: spending just a little time in Nurseries and Foundation Stage role play areas of restaurants, garages and doctors’ surgeries will prove this. As children grow older, this ‘play’ is still necessary, and Business For Beginners would support teachers in designing ‘real-life’ scenarios to help inspire the class’ work. How about designing a product in D.T. but reading through the section on market research first to get a wider view of the importance of the opinions of your audience? Or have a go at looking at the section on Tax to add a real-life view of how maths and percentages can help you to understand your net profit? Maybe look at the section on ‘people’ in your business to plan for more effective and efficient group work when designing and making a product…

Not just for those who want to be the next ‘Apprentice’, Business For Beginners will add an extra real-life dimension to all aspects of the curriculum and teach your class life skills in a safe and supportive environment.