Cookie! …and the Most Annoying Girl in the World

Authored by Konnie Huq
Illustrated by Konnie Huq
Published by Piccadilly

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Cookie! …and the most annoying girl in the world is Konnie Huq’s second book in the Cookie series. In this outing, Cookie finds out that her birthday present, concert tickets, causes more problems than it should. And she doesn’t even like the pop star they’re for! Friendships are strained even further when she and her classmates go camping with the after-school Forest Club. Caught in a web of misunderstandings, Cookie finds that friendships, and other people’s lives, are more complicated than she ever thought.

Having not read Cookie’s first adventure, I was unsure what to expect. And luckily, like other books in this format, it’s fine to read them as stand-alones. However, children will definitely want to read more than just one of them. It was hilarious, heartfelt, and packed with information and projects about the environment.

Cookie and her friends have very individual personalities and all have their flaws, but they’re also very likeable and you cheer them on throughout. And while their friendships are put to the test, by the end of the book there’s a real feeling of emotional growth that’s also shared by the reader. Friendships can be hard – especially for children. Parents and educators see it daily.

Also featured are author-drawn ‘illudoodles’ similar to other diary/journal type texts. And this is where you’ll find the funniest parts with little asides and puns. It’s also where the great nonfiction parts come in too.

Cookie! …and the Most Annoying Girl in the World is a great read for pleasure text. I can see year 4 and 5 children especially lapping this one up. Children keen about the environment and science will also find much to enjoy too. 

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