Dance Like A Flamingo

Authored by Moira Butterfield
Illustrated by Claudia Boldt
Published by Welbeck Publishing

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Dance like a Flamingo is a cheerful and carefree read. Each spread invites you to learn a little about an animal and then try and become them (in some way!).

I love the variety of animals celebrated in the book. It opens up paths to learn about different parts of the world, continents and climates. The beautiful illustrations give the animals character…for example, the penguins who slip and slide look like they’re wearing tail suits ready to dance like Fred Astaire. The flamingoes are wonderfully depicted – I am tempted to take their dance further and create a Flamingo Flamenco!

The contents page gives structure to the carefree nature of the text. For young readers, this is a lovely and easygoing way to introduce the formality of a contents page.

It is a wonderful text that celebrates difference, cultures and heritage.