Everything You Know About Minibeasts is Wrong

Authored by Dr. Nick Crumpton
Illustrated by Gavin Scott
Published by Nosy Crow

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A colourful, informative non-fiction text that celebrates the world of mini-beasts and seeks to dispel our common misconceptions.

Everything You Know About Minibeasts is Wrong is a well-designed non-fiction text that addresses common misconceptions about minibeasts. It presents a wealth of very interesting facts which are complimented by Gavin Scott’s colourful and accurate illustrations.

The title of this book tells you exactly what it is about! It is crammed full of fun and amazing facts about minibeasts. Each page begins a statement such as, ‘Flies all look the same’ which is then disproved with detailed illustrations and fascinating information. Every double page spread is colourful and clearly takes the reader through a variety of aspects relating to each ‘wrong’ statement. The statements are presented in slightly different ways so that the illustrations compliment the text and enable the reader to absorb new facts. There are a wide range of topics covered and it is the sort of book that children and adults can dip in and out of. There is an itemised index and a helpful glossary to guide and support the reader.

Everything You Know About Minibeasts would certainly be a success within a school library. This is a book that children will enjoy exploring in pairs or groups and discussing the facts together. They could even test each other’s knowledge before reading each page. It is also a book that would be a valuable addition to classwork on minibeasts or the environment. It could be used alongside Forest School activities. I have found myself becoming engrossed in a statement and then returning to the book to discover more facts!

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