First Day of My Life

Authored by Lisa Williamson
Published by David Fickling Books

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First Day of My Life is about Frankie and Jojo, best friends who do everything together. The night before GCSE Results Day they confirm plans to meet and collect their results together from school. However, the next day Jojo goes missing; no-one knows where she is, not even Frankie. At the same time, a baby goes missing in the area. Could the two be connected? Frankie asks her ex-boyfriend to help her find Jojo and they embark on a quest which explores friendship, love and finding out the truth.

This powerful narrative is written in four main parts; the first three from the points of view of the main characters Frankie, Jojo and Ram and the final part from all of them. Each character is given a different font which helps, to signal to the reader, the change of narrator from one to another. In using this technique, the author is able to move along the narrative, without giving away too much of the story and allowing the reader to effectively explore each of the characteras in turn and their relationships with each other. I found it a gripping read and became really invested in finding out about the characters and what the resolution to the search would be.

I would highly recommend First Day of My Life as a Teenage Fiction, 14+ book, as it deals with some difficult issues of teenage first loves and friendship, in a sensitive and skilful way. Lisa Williamson is also the author of ‘The Art of Being Normal’ and I look forward to reading this and her other work, as I found her writing style really engaging, even as someone whose teenage years are a very distant memory!

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