How About A Night Out?

Authored by Sam Williams
Illustrated by Matt Hunt
Published by Boxer Books

Ever wondered what cats get up to a night out? This book reveals all!

How About A Night Out is a charming story that follows the antics of city cats as they explore the world when everyone sleeps. The cats tell the reader what they like to do, from singing to scaring birds and how they differ from lazy lap cats.

This book is joyful and the reader feels like they are being let in on a secret world only open to those of a feline nature. It has repetitive language with a lyrical theme which younger children will find it easy to predict and join in with. Those who are at the beginning of their reading journey can easily follow the story through the illustrations; they are bold and full of life.

An ideal class book to share at story time. Useful to support a science topic looking at nocturnal animals. With its rhythm and rhyme it could easily be the starting point of poetry about animals and the secret lives they lead.