In the Shadow of Heroes

Authored by Nicholas Bowling
Published by Chicken House

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In the Shadow of Heroes is an adventure story set in the world of the Roman Empire, during the reign of Emperor Nero.

Fourteen-year-old Cadmus has been Tullus’ slave since he was a baby and although he doesn’t feel that Rome is his true home, life with his master is all he knows. One day a present from Emperor Nero arrives for Tullus, and he is told that is a thank you ‘for all the fine work you are about to do.’ Then Tullus suddenly disappears, and Tog ( a slave who was formerly a British Princess fighting alongside Boudicca) arrives with a secret message. Camdus must set out to find his master, and alongside Tog, they must discover the truth behind the Greek Myth of the Golden Fleece. Is it real and if it still exists, can they find it before a very determined Nero has its power for himself? The journey will take Camdus to the edge of the Roman Empire and on a journey to discover where he truly can call home.

This book is an exciting and engaging quest story which uses the Roman Empire as its setting. It includes lots of information about living in Roman times, but this doesn’t slow down the narrative and is interweaved skilfully with the action and the relationships between the characters.

I would recommend this book either as a class reader or on the class bookshelf for Year 6 and above. It would be an ideal class book alongside a Roman or Greek theme, but also would be a great introduction to these historical periods and I am sure would stimulate children to find out more about life in Rome, the Empire and Greek mythology.

Shortlisted for the Costa Book Award 2019 . You will find many award winning books in our book selections. Please visit our Bookshop or contact us, if you have specific requests.

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