Milly Cow Gives Milk

Authored by Deborah Chancellor
Illustrated by Julia Groves
Published by Scallywag Press

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Milly Cow Gives Milk is a book aimed at younger children. The book documents the life of a dairy cow, Milly, through the eyes of a small child. This child is witness to the continuous cycle of eating, drinking and producing cow pats to the final milk products which adorn the shelves of the supermarket.

This picture book is a perfect introduction to how milk is produced. Milly lives happily on Farmer Mc Bean’s farm with the rest of her herd of dairy cattle. Roaming the luscious green pastures, Milly always has plenty to eat and drink.

There is plenty to consider in this book. Firstly the rich vocabulary: herd, parlour, dusk, bulge, guzzles and scrumptious. A word quiz and milk facts end the book, which reinforces new word learning.

The book also provides a window into the life of a dairy cow for those children who may not have visited a farm before or a child who does not know where milk comes from.

Milly the cow gives milk could be used in a key stage two classroom as a starting point for a discussion on farming, animal welfare, or alternative lifestyles such as Veganism. And where are Milly’s calves?



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