Mole’s Star

Authored by Britta Teckentrup
Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Orchard Books

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Mole so loves the twinkling stars in the sky that he takes them all to his den.

Teckentrup has presented us with yet another deeply moral tale about the importance of sharing the natural world. In the story we can empathise with Mole who loves sitting on his favourite rock each night to gaze at the beauty of stars. He loves them so much that when a falling star gives him an opportunity to make a wish, he wishes for the stars. Excitedly, lovingly, he brings each star underground, where they thrill him with their brightness. Just as a dark old house is transformed at Christmas into something magical, so is Mole’s burrow similarly enhanced. However, if all the stars are underground, what will light up the night sky for the other animals? Mole enriches himself but, in the process, he deprives his friends. Now Mole must make some difficult decisions.

This multi-layered story will present adults and children alike with opportunities for exploring ecological and environmental issues, such as: to whom do the natural assets of the world belong? Is it ever right for one person or government or business to plunder such resources for their own gain? Teckentrup’s gentle illustrations are a delight and offer lots to examine and ponder. The contrast between darkness and light is beautifully depicted through the deep softness of the textures. The range of landscapes from underground burrows to the vastness of the night sky is simply and well executed and never threatens to overwhelm the child reader.