No! said Rabbit

Authored by Marjoke Henrichs
Illustrated by Marjoke Henrichs
Published by Scallyway Press Ltd

Little Rabbit is looking slightly shifty. His lips are poised ready to greet all offerings with his usual negative response.

This super picture book from Scallywag Press reminds children (and adults) of a time when their days were their own. When adults, particularly parents, would attempt to interfere with their plans almost on an hourly basis. Little Rabbit is like most toddlers, he is not afraid to refuse all requests.

This beautifully illustrated picture book by Dutch author/illustrator Marjoke Henrichs documents a day in the life of Little Rabbit. From the moment he gets out of bed, he is unwilling to do anything that his mother asks him to. To the moment he goes to bed still saying no repeatedly.

“Time for a snack, then,” said Mum

“No!” said Rabbit. “I am not hungry.”

“Time for your potty,” said Mum.

“No!” said Rabbit. “I am too big for the potty.”

Mother Rabbit has a smile on her face whenever she helps Little Rabbit. She understands him and knows that there is one thing that he enjoys most of all and one thing that he wouldn’t refuse.

Cuddles. “Yes!” said Rabbit.

He loves cuddles!

This is wonderfully illustrated debut picturebook is a celebration of play, family and love and would sit nicely alongside the popular collaboration from Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, The Hug.

A Books for Keeps Book of the month and high praise from The Bookseller:

Pitching a picture book at the very youngest is not easy. Tone, setting, language and the visual impact all have to be right. They do not have to be simplistic nor necessarily brightly coloured. In this her debut picture book, Marjoke Henrichs strikes all the right notes… This is a picture book that really does work.’ 



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