Authored by Emer Stamp
Published by Hodder Children's Books


Meet Stix, a tiny mouse that has, until now, always managed to live unimpeded with his Grandma, alongside the ‘mans’ living in Flat 3, Peewits Mansions. Until one day the ‘Pests’ change everything Stix has ever known.

This story from the author of the hilarious best selling The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of a Pig (winner of the Lollies 2019) invites newly independent readers to join Stix on the adventure of his life, as he discovers what’s lurking beneath the cosy surroundings of Flat 3, Peewits Mansions.

This story is packed with captivating illustrations that follow Stix on his journey for survival.  With its easy to follow text and short chapters. It will attract readers with its glow in the dark front cover and hidden message on the side pages! And the exciting story will have them wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’, as Stix navigates his way through the unknown.

But, will it be enough to save everything he has ever known or will some changes be for the better? They will have to read the book to find out.

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