Return of the Pests

Authored by Emer Stamp
Illustrated by Emer Stamp
Published by Hodder Children's Books

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What comes to mind you think of the word ‘pest?’ A pest can be defined as something (or someone) that causes a nuisance.  In this second book of the series, Return of the Pests, Emer Stamp (@EmerStamp) offers us a glimpse into the world of these nuisance creatures.  But how do mice, spiders, rats and pigeons learn to actually be pests?  What if they attended a top secret school to learn the tricks of the trade (aptly named Peewit Educatorium for Seriously Terrible Scoundrels)?

Author and illustrator Emer Stamp (also author of the popular The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig) offers this new, humorous title – perfect for readers aged 7-9.  Stix, the hero of the story (a young mouse with a taste for adventure) has to work with his pesky crew who live in Peewit Mansion to try and root out the new owner who is averse to dirt, filth and… pests!  Will the PESTS manage to thwart this spic and span adversary or will they be sent out from the home they have known all their lives?

To support readers in developing  knowledge of each of the ‘pests’ featured in the novel, the author has created a useful website – .  This linked resource adds life to the book as it is full of fun (and funny!) information about the characters as well as real-life facts about how these animals live.  This website is a fantastic springboard linked to the book – either as an introduction or as a follow-up resource to explore and enjoy.

Return of the Pests is a playful novel; a great choice for readers entering KS2 (ages 7+).  The lively illustrations and capricious characters will ensure entertainment and enjoyment for younger readers.

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