Sequin and Stitch

Authored by Laura Dockrill
Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie
Published by Barrington Stoke

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Sequin and Stitch is about Sequin who has so much admiration for her dressmaker mother. Her life is filled with beautiful fabrics, jewels and colours, yet all is not as it seems in this heart-wrenching tale of overcoming life’s challenges.

The story begins with an insight into the special world of Sequin. The small flat she lives in with her mother and Stitch is filled to the brim with silks, beads and buttons as her mother is one of the top dressmakers in the country. However, life is a challenge for them all. Her mother is a recluse and hardly ever leaves the house, and at school Sequin is relentlessly teased. Then one day a special request arrives and excitement fills the air as her mum is asked to make a wedding dress for a princess! However a tragedy occurs and through it is revealed a story that will surprise the reader, as the focus moves from Sequin to Stitch.

This book is a sensitive exploration into the subject of loss, mental health issues and bullying. Reading it most children will be able to see themselves in Sequin’s position, for example, her frustration with her mother at different points. Though the story needs careful consideration when using it in class, it is one of hope and resilience.

This book has been published by Barrington Stoke and therefore it is easily accessible for most readers due to its clear font and coloured pages. Sequin and Stitch is a book that would support PSHE and SMSC elements, though it is strongly suggested that it is read first by the class teacher before reading it to the class or recommending it to children. Due to the nature of the twist in the book, it could be upsetting, or conversely, it could bring comfort and hope.

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