Authored by Adam Beer
Illustrated by Adam Beer
Published by Simon & Schuster

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Solo is a very important dog because he is the only dog on his island. He enjoys being by himself and there is always plenty to do but when visitors arrive and he has to share his special things he is not sure how he feels about it.

Solo has everything that he needs (balls, sticks, shoes and bowl), not to mention plenty of space to explore, snooze, fish and swim. However, it comes to his attention that everyone seems to be ‘extra busy,’ and he is not sure why. Then one day out of the blue, strangers arrive bringing other dogs with them: causing chaos at every turn. Initially Solo is horrified – he doesn’t want to share his special things or his island and he is adamant that he is happy on his own. He has a big decision to make: does he embrace the company or continue to do things by himself?

The reader is immediately drawn into island life through the spacious and playful illustrations. Some spreads include gutters allowing children to consider what has happened in the spaces between pictures. They will relish in telling their own stories based on what they see and imagine to be happening. Many will be able to empathise with the idea of not wanting to share their belongings, in particular toys, and this will provide opportunities for discussions on sharing. Children will enjoy the energy Solo’s character brings to the story in what is a light-hearted and lovely tale of friendship.

This is a perfect book for EYFS and Y1, to be enjoyed as a whole class or as a wonderful addition to a class and whole school library.

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